HAVELLS @286 on 12/05/2015

Right since our advice on 30/10/2014 to sell it off at surges we do not find it worth picking even now though since 06/02/2015 from 244/- it has improved, you may wait till next advice and in our opinion this is in grip of some manipulative hands…ref 718+80/28.56 (479/291/449/1375/1000/12M/cld).

Preivious Advice:

HAVELLS @244 on 06/02/2015

You were advised to sell off on surges and it did it improve from @278 to a high of 330/- giving you an opportunity, you may not still buy it though it has tumbled down to 244/-…825/35.44

Previous Advice:

HAVELLS @278 on 30/10/2014

You may get out of this on surges if you have in stock and wait for next advice for re-entry…ref 892/29.29

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