ARVIND @241 on 20/05/2015

You may now start accumulating this for medium/long term…ref 905/34.95/320/240 (1216/746/429/1275/860/12M/cld).

Previous Advice:

ARVIND @308 on 23/02/2015

You may better wait till next advice before entering this scrip, those who hold it may sell it off..ref 909/28.74 (1042/736/1150/1100).

(Our advice is given in a way that action can be taken without confusion; its given very plainly and the worth of it may have been well estimated by those who have been following it for some time. If you depend on our advice for investing, you can be sure that you will never be trapped in to wrong investments and will have right kind of scrips in your portfolio. The entire previous advice regarding different scrip whenever giver in past remains there to be referred and is never deleted or later amended; it remains there to be viewed with a purpose of discovering worth in months and years afterwards.)

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