TECHM (Tech Mahindra) @545 on 28/05/2015

You were advised to book profit last time and since then it has issued bobus in ratio of 1:1 and also split from 10/- paid up to 5/-, you have been rightly out of it as the present price is lower than @2845 on 11/02/21015 even after accounting for bonus and split; you may yet not buy it and should wait…ref 899/15.20/bonus 1:1/Split 10/- to 5/- (432/567/1175/1325/1000/12M/cld).

Prev. Advice

TECHM @2845 on 11/02/2015

You may now book profit in this scrip and wait for further action till next advice…ref 911/3.03 TECHM @2578 on 03/11/2014 You may accumulate it for medium/long term…ref 971/3.22 (Accumulation means that you may buy it over five different normal days in equal quantities before the next quarterly result and not in one go straightly.)

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