MINDTREE @1369 on 09/06/2015

You may not immediately buy this and must wait till next advice…ref 928/5.87/1560/1150 (310/526/1505/1300/1000/12M/cld).
Prev Advice:
MINDTREE @1330 on 05/02/2015
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You may now book profit in this and remain out of it till next advice…ref 952/6.54
MINDTREE @972 on 17/10/2014
You may buy this for medium/long term…ref 984/8.00 (You may ask for recommendations regarding other companies of above Rs1000 cr quarterly T/O results of which have been announced for the latest quarter. You may send your requests at khandelwal.kkinsurance.gmail.com or at krsnakhandelwal@yahoo.com ).

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