AXISBANK @575 on 05/08/2015

You may retain and some more for medium/long term…ref 1032/14.72 (358/882/1603/1300/1017/3M)

Previous Advice:

AXISBANK @531 on 12/05/2015

You may now slowly start accumulating it for long term…ref 997/15.30 (354/798/1671/1250/915/12M/cld). Previous Advice: AXISBANK @568 on 05/01/2015 I lastly advised you to sell this and remain out and the same advice holds true, there is some extra-ordinary hope generated in market but is risky,,,ref 991/15.33

N.B. I do hope that you find my advice quite understandable and practical, should you find any problem or be confused kindly get in touch with me. You might have studied material given on this site to have better understanding of the terms used in advice like medium term, long term, accumulation etc.

2 thoughts on “AXISBANK @575 on 05/08/2015

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