IDEA @149 on 24/08/2015

Your occasion to buy this has arrived, now you may buy it good measure for medium/long term…ref 1078/53.40 (660/1510/1030/1300/900/3M/cld).

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IDEA @175 on 30/04/2015

You may get out of this entirely and book your profits, however you must also start accumulating it on declines for medium/long term…ref 1009/46.35 (498/1188/1011/1350/1000/12M/cld). Precious Advice: IDEA @155 on 06/02/2015 This entry was posted on February 8, 2015, in stock-specific recommendations and tagged buy,communication, idea, LT. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment (Edit) We advised … Continue reading →

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