AMBUJACEM @217 on 03/09/2015

Last time you were advised to remain out of it and even today I would give the same advice, it may not be bought just now but looked at when under 200/- in small way till the next round of advice…ref 791/35.92 (300/445/900/1350/965/3m).

Prev Advice:
AMBUJACEM @232 on 08/05/2015

You may not look at it yet, wait for next advice…ref 869/35.30 (273/526/1287/1350/909/3M). Previous Advice: ambujacem @222 on 05/11/2014 You may now sell this and book profits and wait for next advice…ref 859/37.63 Leave a comment (Edit) AMBUJACEM @208 on 28/07/14 You may accumulate this on dips for medium/long term…ref 986/37.45

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