JSWENERGY @82 on 11/09/2015

You might have been out of this now by applying stop loss (as advised under ‘panch-tattva…some guidance’) as some times it becomes necessary to be safe and also to take greater advantage when markets over react to some thing not exactly affecting the stock in question, here it is one such chance. You may buy this stock back at current level for long term…ref 1201/94.98 (626/1620/1462/1300/1000/3M/cld).

Prev Advice:
JSWENERGY @114 on 30/04/2015

You may retain/buy it for medium/long term…ref 1110/71.76 (520/1342/1414/1275/1000/12M/cld). JSWENERGY @78 on 06/11/2014 You may retain this for long term and add more if you want…ref 1223/106.62 Previous Advice: JSWENERGY @80 0n 25/07/14 You may buy this for medium/long term at going price…ref 1257/97.37 Previous Advice : JSWENERGY @49 on 30/04/12 (#NSE) (#BSE) You may buy JSW … Continue reading →

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