ASIANPAINT @859 on 27/01/2015

You have been better off by remaining invested in this as this has performed far better than the Nifty and at this stage while you may remain invested in this but be quick to book profits before the next advice or may even decide to switch in to other stocks now advised to invest in…ref 791+80/8.65 (200/315/1140/1300/1000/3M1215/cld).

Prev Advice:

ASIANPAINT @884 on 21/08/2015

You had good occasion to pick accumulate it on dips as it touched low of 700/- in the intervening period, now you may retain it for long term…ref 842+80/9.38 (170/304/1288/1350/1100/3M/cld).

Prev Advice:

Asianpaint @775 on 22/05/2015

You may now accumulate this on dips for medium term…ref 756+80/10.91/860/740 (190/268/1006/1350/968/12M/cld). Prev Advice: ASIANPAINT @798 on 06/02/2015 This seems to be certainly over-priced, may be due to some manipulation or news that’s not commonly known, you may get out of it and remain out of it till the next advice…ref 843/10.85 Leave a comment (Edit) … Continue reading →

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