ITC @313 on 27/01/2015

You may well remain invested in this even now for long term and add some more now. This has performed pretty much better viz z viz Nifty and remains good for investment…ref 1085+40/23.76 (145/595/2445/1300/942/3M1215).

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ITC @331 on 05/08/2015

I would repeat my last advice this time too i e retain and add some more for long term…ref 1060+40/25.90 (130/490/2320/1350/1010/3M) Previous Advice: ITC @328 on 22/05/2015 Once again would want you to retain this and add more medium/long term…ref 1043+40/25.78/400/320 (138/501/2315/1350/911). (It may take a sudden up turn any time and then partial profits … Continue reading

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