HDFC @1386 on 27/07/2016

You must have surely booked profit in this after buying this as per last advice, now wait a little while for some correction and then get invested again for medium/long term…ref 1176/6.21 (152/1240/2115/1200/1200/1200/1200/1108/3M).

P.S.  P.S. You may contact us for your portfolio health-check (up to 20 scrips) for payment of Rs. 1000/-.

HDFC @1109 on 04/05/2016

You are not holding it any more in terms of last advice, you may now get in to this but for medium term i e you have to be vigilant about booking profits whenever possible between now and next advice (6% to 12% should be considered a good range for profit booking in a period of three month by those who buy for medium term, booking profit is good from point of view of coming in to cash for any opportunity of investment coming your way)…ref 1091/6.95 (303/1445/1498/350+250+300+300/1010/12M/cld).

Prev Advice:

HDFC @1202 on 28/08/2015

You might have accumulated it at reasonable average price as per last advice and you might be in profit now, you consider to book profits on jumps now and be out of it…ref 894/6.68 (241/413/1520/1300/1000/3M/cld).

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