Appraise benefits of our advice first…

Welcome to this simple site. Our advice is quite clear and simple to follow.

You are advised to go through the top post ‘panch-tattav…some guidance’ first and then refer to latest as well previous advice by putting the NSE Code of item of your interest in the NIFTY universe in the search box.

In this manner you will be able to see how our advice worked, after quarter and quarter.

The advice for NIFTY stocks comes free of charges here while for any other stock of your choice we welcome you but the inquiry must be for stocks with yearly turnover of at least Rs 5000/year which are listed for more than two years.

The charge is just Rs 200/- per scrip which will provide you guidance for four coming quarters.

The money needs to be deposited in our bank account with HDFC Bank (00481200002278) and information be sent to us at along with list of items of interest.

You may contact us at mobile 9978613034 / 9924313034.

Wish you all a very happy Deepawali.


Krishna Khandelwal

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