The fall out of demonetization…


Just think about the magnitude of the money getting parked in banks which was otherwise confined to safes and vaults. Money in bank becomes useful and is lent for productive purposes even when the depositors remain inactive themselves. Besides even idle money in accounts earn small interest for the sleeping account holders.

When the saved cash money comes in to banking channel, it immediately seeks to get invested in other instruments like Mutual Fund Units, Equities, Bonds and some of it turns in to fixed deposits enabling banks to have long term finance for lending to small businesses and big corporations. Housing Finance also gets a boost.

All these are wonderful benefits of just your own money remaining with you as balance in bank account rather than as cash in almirah; it becomes more safe also against theft or destruction.

Be ready for a new dawn taking you in to another financial era that’s healthier, rewarding and convenient. Don’t worry, don’t worry about the market too. Its time to get invested in stocks of your own choice, just get it cross checked by us about the desirability of the same for investment at this point.

Krishna Khandelwal

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