HCLTECH @761 on 18/11/2016

You may retain this with comfort and look for booking profit over short term…ref 1044/10.20 (430/670/1750/1200/1100/1100/1150/957/3M/8074).

P.S. We undertake you help out by advising on stock/s of your choice for Rs 200/- per scrip for an entire year and you may also get your portfolio consisting of not more than 20 scrips evaluated by us for payment of Rs 1000/- .

Prev Advice:

HCLTECH @829 on 04/08/2016

You might have entered it at a good point as per the last, you may retain it and those who are not holding it may accumulate it on dips for medium/long term…ref 1101/10.32 (387/830/1815/1200/1100/1200/1200/1076/3M/cld). P.S. You may contact us for your portfolio health-check (up to 20 scrips) for payment of Rs 1000/-. Prev Advice: HCLTECH … Continue reading

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