POWERGRID @191 on 18/11/2016

You must be in this at under 150/- right since 28th Jan ’16 in terms of our advice then and later; you may retain this for long term…ref 1014/42.27 (250/1865/2500/1100/1150/1100/1150/1040/3M/8074).

P.S. We undertake you help out by advising on stock/s of your choice for Rs 200/- per scrip for an entire year and you may also get your portfolio consisting of not more than 20 scrips evaluated by us for payment of Rs 1000/- .

Prev Advice:

POWERGRID @180 on 19/08/2019

You may retain it for long term…ref 1311/48.14 (260/1875/2470/1200/1200/1200/1200/1090/3M). Prev Advice: POWERGRID @143 on 28/01/2015 We are covering this after a long gap and you have seen good appreciation if you stuck with this , those who want to enter it afresh may fearlessly do so at this stage also…ref 1532/51.95 (289/2029/2983/1300/1059/3M). Prev Advice: Powergrid @116 … Continue reading

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