Our Advice and market…


I hope you went through the following post; it was based on closing prices on Friday the 18th Nov ’16 when Nifty was above 8000 mark. Luckily you had Nifty go below 7950 on Monday when you had a field day for making an entry at the recent low in terms of prices for almost all stocks recommended for purchase and therefore in all probability must be sitting on good profit as market rebounded back in line with my idea.

Let me clarify here that whatever advice is given to you is based on solid principles and is not in the nature of cheaply tipping. You must keep confidence to draw real benefit of investing in Nifty universe. We however undertake to give advice regarding other scrips too, just let us know the name of the stock and be ready to pay Rs 200/- for obtaining from us the advice regarding the same for the next four quarters.

Keep visiting this blog regularly as we shall be giving you many insights in the economic state of the nation.


krishna Khandelwal

This is what you may do…

This is what you may do for entering market after precipitous fall over the week; but I am talking about just the Nifty universe. ACC last closed @1311 : Buy it now. ADANIPORTS last closed @262 : Buy it now. ASIANPAINT last closed @900 : You may begin to accumulate it now. AMBUJACEM last closed … Continue reading

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