The proof of pudding…

The proof of pudding is in eating; I think you now have good taste of it lingering in your mouth.

The following was advised to you on 19th of Nov 2016 and you might have surely acted and would have invested at the right point for a decent profit now ready to be booked as per your own preference, I may however say that remaining invested is a idea also.

This what we advised:

This is what you may do…

This is what you may do for entering market after precipitous fall over the week; but I am talking about just the Nifty universe. ACC last closed @1311 : Buy it now. ADANIPORTS last closed @262 : Buy it now. ASIANPAINT last closed @900 : You may begin to accumulate it now. AMBUJACEM last closed … Continue reading

Don’t forget to consult our blog regarding the Nifty stocks and come forward to seek advice about any of your own stock for a fee of Rs 200/- to cover all next four quarters.

Your portfolio’s health can be checked by us for payment of Rs 1000.- but it should not exceed 20 stocks.

Krishna Khandelwal

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