KOTAKBANK @721 on 16/12/2016

We asked you to sell this off as advised on 26/10/2016; this has now corrected substantially, you may buy it now for long term.

Prev Advice:

KOTAKBANK @810 on 26/10/2016

You may now sell it on surges and wait for some correction before seeking re-entry or wait for the next advice…ref 968/10.67 (225/470/1420/1250/1100/1100/1150/1033/3M/cld/8607). P.S. You may have your portfolio (of up to 20 scrips) health-checked against payment of Rs 1000/- and also have any individual item of your choice advised for against payment of Rs … Continue reading

One thought on “KOTAKBANK @721 on 16/12/2016

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