Nifty Stocks…this result season

Welcome Friends, on this site. We give here free advice regarding Nifty stocks and all the previous advice is available for you to refer back. You may just type the Nifty code for the scrip in the search box and you will have all the previous advice available to you sorted specifically for the item of your interest; you may thoroughly study the same and convince yourself about the efficacy and straightness of our advice. You should also read ‘panch tattva…some guidance’ carefully to understand what various terms used in our advice mean.

We can give advice also for stocks other than Nifty against payment of Rs 200/- per scrip of your interest, this will cover advice now as well as advice after next three quarterly results.

For Rs 1000/-  we offer to check health of your portfolio (of up to 20 scrips) and advice whether you need to stay invested, reshuffle, add, or get out in respective stocks. It will just one time advice.

Our account number is 00481200002278 with HDFC Bank (IFSC Code HDFC0000048) in name of  Krishnakumar Khandelwal and our contact numbers are 9978613034 and 9724313034 and E-mail ID is . We are comfortable with communication through what’sapp as well through SMS .

It will be good for you to consult us before committing your hard earned money in to investment in stocks identified by you. Our fee is very nominal and is quiet affordable for people even with moderate investment resource.

Wish you a rewarding new year,


Krishna Khandelwal

P.S. So far we have covered the following stocks (NSE Codes) after their recently declared quarterly results:


You may look at these by typing the NSE codes in the search slot and get the relevant advice sorted for you.

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