MARUTI @5825 on 25/01/2017

If you have sold it as per our last then wait till next advice, you have it in stock than you may try to book profit on surges now…ref 964/1.47 (435/485/910/1350/1150/1150/1150/1088/3M/1216/5900/4800/8602).

You may contact us for obtaining advice for scrips of your choice thru .

Prev Advice:

MARUTI @5900 on 30/10/2016

You may now retain this scrip but with just medium term view i e you should attempt to book profit whenever think proper before the announcement of next result…ref 1036/14.61 (455/595/1180/1400/1150/1100/1150/1123/3M/8625). P.S. You may have your portfolio (of up to 20 scrips) health-checked against payment of Rs 1000/- and also have any individual item of … Continue reading

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