POWERGRID @202 on 9/02/2017

You must be invested in this at a good level of price since Jan ’16, retain it for long term and add some more, those who don’t have it in stock may accumulate and keep for long term…ref 1251//43.45 (250/1850/2450/1000/1150/11150/1100/1054/3M/1216/178/202/8878).

You may contact us for advice on stocks of your choice thru khandelwal.kkinsurance@gmail.com .

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POWERGRID @191 on 18/11/2016

You must be in this at under 150/- right since 28th Jan ’16 in terms of our advice then and later; you may retain this for long term…ref 1014/42.27 (250/1865/2500/1100/1150/1100/1150/1269/3M/8074). P.S. We undertake you help out by advising on stock/s of your choice for Rs 200/- per scrip for an entire year and you may … Continue reading

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