IOC @418 on 04/08/2017

Since last advice it first went up to 440/-  on 7th June and later came down to as much as 348/- on , your accumulation is at right average price therefore; you may now carry it and those who don’t have it mat now accumulate, for medium/long term…ref 1071/24.08 (2000/515/355/1150/1200/1150/1200/1071/3M/10066).

Prev Advice:

IOC @429 on 31/05/2017

This is newly inducted in NIFTY and we are covering it for the first time for you; this may be accumulated for medium/long term…ref 1061/22.42 (1925/425/370/1150/1200/1200/1150/1072/3M/p317/9621).

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