Posted on October 8, 2017


You were asked to book profits in the last advice and to wait; you may now begin to accumulate it now and wait for the advice post results for the IInd qtr. BHARTIARTL @426 on 26/07/2017 You may now book profit in this and wait for next advice…ref 977/23.57 (515/1205/280/1250/1100/1150/1200/1121/3M/cld/10020). N.B. Cotact us for advcie on … Continue reading

Result Season

The result season (for II quarter) has arrived and there has been a spate of adverse news which has come mostly from the disgruntled members of BJP or the leaders of opposition and does not have so much substance. Govt is actively taking care of the changed circumstances which in reality have only marginal bearing … Continue reading


If you acted upon last advice regarding Bajaj-Auto , you have now occasion to book profit on half the holding in your hand. It closed above 3150/- on the last trading day. Prev Advice: BAJAJ-AUTO @2803 on 18/08/2017 You have been lucky to be out of this after booking profit as per last advice; now you … Continue reading