GDP and Markets

Friends, there has been a lot of noise about India losing on GDP front, the growth is now slated to come down to 6.7% from 7.2%. But why then the market is refusing to go down or stay down. The fact of the matter is that while there might be some slow down experienced lately, there is also a recognition that India’s economy now rests on a firmer ground after reforms like GST. They cry fowl of demonetization but only a fool will see it having any kind of impact post 11 months of announcement; it however did bring out the shy capital stored in almirahs and that found way in to productive channels. So, please remain hopeful, track for free advice regarding Nifty stocks during the current result season as well as have no hesitation in asking the same for stocks of your choice which attracts a fee of Rs 200/- for a period of one year i e advice will be given after end of each quarter.

Contact us thru +919978613034 or thru .

Best wishes for the festival season,

Krishna Khandelwal

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