Posted on October 24, 2017

ASIANPAINT @1220 on 24/10/2017

You may now beging to accumulate this on dips for medium/long term…ref 939/8.36 (145/255/1105/1250/1250/1200/1200/1020/3M/cld/0917/10207). Prev Advice: ASIANPAINT @1131 on 26/07/2017 You are out of it and for good reason; accumulate is only under 1100/- for medium term…ref 907/8.88 (155/240/1015/1200/1300/1150/1200/1000/3M/cld/9991). N.B.Contact us for obtaining advice on your specific items. ASIANPAINT @1170 on 11/05/2017 You must be holding this … Continue reading

AMBUJACEM @282 on 24/10/2017

You may now sell this, wait for correction for re-entry…ref 917/36.19 (385/435/645/1250/1200/1200/1200/1021/3M/cld/0917/10207). Prev Advice: AMBUJACEM @267 on 25/07/2017 Those have it may carry and rest may accumulate on dips for medium/long term…ref 1010/37.31 (545/670/990/1250/1200/1150/1200/1080/3M/cld/9964). N.B.Contact us for obtaining advice for items of your specific interest before investing. Prev Advice: AMBUJACEM @245 on 28/04/2017 Some of you might … Continue reading

HDFCBANK @1867 on 24/10/2017

You may retain/add/buy this for medium/long term (buying for medium term as well as long term means that you may book profit on half the quantity even before the next advice, should that be possible)…ref 1051/5.42 (190/545/1785/1250/1200/1200/1200/1042/3M/0917/10207). Prev Advice: HDFCBANK @1768 on 17/08/2017 You may still retain it and those who don’t have it may accumulate … Continue reading

INFY @926 on 24/10/2017

You may retain/add/buy afresh for medium/long term…ref 1121/11.02 (330/790/2120/1200/1150/1200/1200/980/3M/cld/10207). Prev Advice: INFY @923 on 18/08/2017 You may sell this on surges and accumulate also on dips with medium term point of view…ref 1088/10.65 (300/765/2020/1150/1150/1150/1200/951/3M/9837/cld/0617). Prev Advice: INFY @931 on 13/04/2017 Those who bought it with medium term point of view had good opportunity to book profits when … Continue reading

ZEEL @526 on 24/10/2017

You may retain/buy more of this for medium/long term…ref 1148/19.4 (125/570/2680/1200/1200/1200/1200/1010/3M/cld/0917/10207). Prev Advice: ZEEL @535 on 25/07/2017 You might have been out of this after booking profit; it may now be accumulated on dips for medium to long terms…ref 990/18.62 (120/370/1635/1200/1250/1150/1200/1000/3Mcld/9964). N.B. Contact us for advice on items of your specific interest. ZEEL @520 on 10/05/2017 You … Continue reading