Posted on November 3, 2017

POWERGRID @215 on 02/11/2017

You may retain this and keep buying more whenever you have spare funds, your cost will reduce if you keep booking profit on part quantity and handsome dividend yield will keep you in good stead…ref 1289/48.67 (255/1890/2420/1150/1150/1200/1200/1038/3M/0917/10466). Prev Advice: POWERGRID @222 on 18/08/2017 You must retain this and keep buying whenever have spare funds, for medium/long … Continue reading

VEDL (VEDANTA) @341 on 02/11/2017

You may retain/add/buy this for medium term only i e you must also look for opportunity of booking profits between now and next advice…ref 1153/30.67 (680/1260/1385/1200/1200/1200/1200/1100/3M/cld/0917/10461). Prev Advice: VEDANTA @280 on 26/07/2017 You may accumulate this for medium term; this is being covered for first time since admission in to NIFTY universe…ref 1130/35.78 (740/1305/1185/1150/1200/1150/1200/1130/3M/cld/10020).