Posted on November 6, 2017

TATAPOWER @85 on 06/11/2017

You may retain/add this for medium term…ref 1081/122.96 (1330/1170/350/100/1150/1200/1200/1049/3M/cld/0917/10452). Prev Advice: TATAPOWER @82 on 17/08/2017 You lucky to be out of this in terms of last advice; you may now begin to accumulate this on dips for medium/long term…ref 1097/120.78 (1255/1480/315/1150/1200/1150/1200/1031/3M/cld/0617/9904). N.B. You may contact us for advice on your preferred stoccks. Prev Advice: TATAPOWER @84 … Continue reading

HINDALCO @272 on 06/11/2017

This yet not good for investment and hence wait for next advice…ref 946/38.42 (680/577/380/1250/1200/1200/1200/1200/1088/3M/0917/10452). Prev Advice: HINDALCO @229 on 14/08/2017 You might be out of this in terms of last advice by booking profit; you may wait now for correction or better wait till next advice…ref 950/42.75 (815/645/295/1200/1200/1150/1200/1100/3M/0617/9792). Prev Advice: HINDALCO @206 on 31/05/2017 You may retain … Continue reading