Posted on November 13, 2017

ADANIPORTS @414 on 13/11/2017

You may retain this as well as add some more for medium/long term…ref 1171/24.8 (125/850/2570/1150/1250/1200/1200/3M/cld/0917/10219). Prev Advice: ADANIPORTS @396 on 14/08/2017 Retain what you have and rest may accumulate on dips for medium/long term…ref 1133/24.72 (90/655/2570/1150/1200/1150/1200/1056/3M/0617/9792). Prev Advice: ADANIPORTS @341 on 25/05/2017 You may remain invested in this; those who don’t have it may accumulate on dips … Continue reading