Posted in December 2017

The Sugar Giants

I am a bit surprised at the extent of fall in stock prices of sugar biggies which happen to be most organised like Balrampur chini, Dhampur sugar and Avadh Sugar etc while small sugar scrips are maintaining price levels. This is while here is no big adverse development of late in sugar sector, the international … Continue reading

The Markets

At this stage you may have look at your portfolio which you might have built up as per our advice this result season and selectively book profit where medium term view was to be taken. I hope the previous post helped you negotiate a difficult turn. Nifty closed at healthy 10463 today. Prev Advice: Proof … Continue reading

Proof Of Pudding Is In Eating

Nifty rules at 10155 points precisely at this time (12.15pm) . You may keep buying as per our advice over the last one and half month post results for Qtr III for entire Nifty universe. You may seek our advice for stocks of your choice by contacting us thru which entails payment of just … Continue reading

What To Do at Nifty’s 10121 Level

With almost 300 points out since the time I first cautioned you the time has come to become a litter bolder. Now you may pick stocks as per our advice and also may get back in to the ones we advised you to sell for booking profits as reasonable levels have been obtained in many … Continue reading