The Sugar Giants

I am a bit surprised at the extent of fall in stock prices of sugar biggies which happen to be most organised like Balrampur chini, Dhampur sugar and Avadh Sugar etc while small sugar scrips are maintaining price levels. This is while here is no big adverse development of late in sugar sector, the international prices of sugar went down but now have recouped much of the lost ground. You may get in to in small way in to some of these and possibly it will reward you handsomely in a short period of time.

Name of Company       52 W High/Low/CMP      PE

Balramchin                    182 / 119 / 131                      5

Dhampursug                 331 / 121 / 211                      5

Avadhsug                       1315/420/ 804                       4

More on this sector will be given to you later.



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