Sugar Stocks

Avadh Sugar CMP 327.15 (+4.30)
Bajaj Hind CMP 6.60 (-.15)
Balrampur Chini CMP 63.55 (-0.80)
Dalmia Sugar CMP 54.15 (no change)
Dhampur Sugar CMP 81.6 (+0.15)
Dwarikesh Sugar CMP 16.70 (+0.25)
KMSugar CMP 8.10 (+0.05)
Mawana Sugar CMP 33.7 (-0.65)
Triveni Engg CMP 39.00 (+1.25)
Uttam Sugar CMP 73.25 (-1.85)

Fill your coffers with sugar stock for these stocks may show a sudden jump when it will be riskier to buy hence don’t wait. The recent levels do not suggest that there would be any substantial decline therefore waiting is not good in your interest.

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