Sugar Stocks

Avadh Sugar CMP 303 (-4.2)
Bajaj Hind CMP 6.10 (0.00)
Balrampur Chini CMP 65 (-1.65)
Dalmia Sugar CMP 52.30 (+0.40)
Dhampur Sugar CMP 79.30 (-0.65)
Dwarikesh Sugar CMP 16.1 (+0.15)
KMSugar CMP 8.00 (-0.05)
Mawana Sugar CMP 34.30 (+0.30)
Triveni Engg CMP 38.2 (+1.50)
Uttam Sugar CMP 70.95 (+0.25)

We asked you to concentrate on Bajajhind, Dhampur Sugar, Dwarkesh, Avadh, Triveni and Uttam yesterday. Today you may concentrate on Avadhsugar, Bajajhind, Dhampursug, Dwarkesh and KMSugar. Govt is in a mood to raise CAP for sugar cane from 250/qtl by 10 to 20 rupees and this is not bad for industry. There is talk of sugar out put to be higher by 4-5 Million Tonnes in the coming sugar season. All this may seem to be negative news but is not denting sugar share prices. This is a sign of trend becoming favorable to investors so be a little more bold and keep nibbling these stocks.

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