Charges and Mode Of Payment

Dear Investor,

You get NIFTY stocks covered here in regular course and you may take advantage of the advice given without any payment. You may however require the analysis done for stocks of your own interest by us. This would be readily done for you for revised charge of INR 500/- per scrip per year. You may pay for the same by depositing a local cheques drawn in favor of K.K.Khandelwal , in your own city in India in a/c no 00481200002278 with HDFC BANK. Please take trouble to inform me the particulars of payment at my E-Mail address to enable me give credit to you.

In case you want to take services for health check of your portfolio on an ongoing basis, you may ask for quarterly charges which will depend on number of scrip held by you which qualify for the panch-tattva touchstone check. Only the companies with over rupees 4000 thousand crore yearly turnover and listed for at least two years at BSE or NSE are preferred for panch-tattva analysis.

You now have many year track record available on this site for judging the efficacy/efficiency of the system. Please go through the ‘Disclaimer and Points to Remember’ given else where on this site.


Krishna Khandelwal

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