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Sugar Stocks

Please refer to my advice on 1st July ’18. All sugar stocks show appreciation in values even though the same came down 15 to 20% between period since then and now. This situation presents an opportunity for those who have still not got invested in the following sugar stocks. The industry is tuning corner and … Continue reading

Construct a Most Solid Portfolio

I recommended for buying the following scrips two days back and also yesterday for investing an equal amount in each scrip; since then some scrips have improved and some have lost but that’s immaterial just now. If you still haven’t done this you may well do it on Monday and sit pretty till the result … Continue reading

Construct A Strong Portfolio Now

We recommended these scrips to be picked up for forming a solid portfolio at current state of market. Hope u did it, if not you may do it tomorrow albeit some scrips have gone up and some have come down since then. Put an equal amount in each if the following and hopefully your funds … Continue reading

Construct A Solid Portfolio Now

The markets have tanked as was expected and warned about by me some time ago. However its time to become bolder and include the following in your portfolio: Adani Ports CMP 345.85 Asian Paint CMP 1271.95 Bajajfinsv CMP 6067.65 Bajfinance CMP 2260.80 Coalindia CMP 281.15 EICHERMOT CMP 25852.50 HDFC CMP 1718.70 Hdfcbank CMP 1925.70 Indusindbank … Continue reading


You may now buy it for medium/long term (please refer to previous advice). Prev Advice: BAJAJFINSV @6610 on 20/07/18 You may sell this now and buy under 6400/- between now and next advice or wait till next advice…ref 953/16.79 (335/960/940/1250/1200/1100/1100/1045/110.16/3M0618/cld). Prev Advice: BAJAJFINSV @5726 on 18/05/2019 You may retain this else may buy for medium/long … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

The following is the first post when I noted that sugar industry is turning corner. Since then I reminded you tens of times to accumulate sugar stocks. The stocks in reference have appreciated as given below: Avadhsugar : from 322.85 to 554.35 (+71%) Bajajhind : from 6.75 to 11.55 (+71%) Balramchin : from 64.35 to … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

I had given call to exchange all your sugar stocks holding in to Balrampur Chini during mid-session today by tweeting under my twitter handle @krsnakhandelwal. Hope you followed my advice. Krishna Khandelwal

Sugar Stocks

Avadhsugar CMP 565.20 (+92.20) Bajajhind CMP 10.20 (+1.70) Balramchin CMP 95.70 (+7.05) Dalmiasugar CMP 94.00 (+23.40) Dhampursugar CMP 140.50 (+23.40) Dwarkesh CMP 29.85 (4.95) KMSugar CMP 12.65 (+2.10) Mawanasugar CMP 71.05 (+11.55) Ranasugar CMP 5.00 (+0.80) Triveni CMP 53.75 (+5.05) Uttamsugar CMP 132.30 (22.05) The above closings have been in many cases at today’s circuit … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

Avadhsugar CMO 471.20 (+78.50) Bajajhind CMP 8.50 (+1.35) Balramchin CMP 88.65 (+10.65) Dalmiasugar CMP 78.35 (+12.85) Dhampursugar CMP 117.10 (+19.40) Dwarkesh CMP 24.90 (4.15) KMSugar CMP 10.55 (+1.05) Mawanasugar CMP 59.50 (+8.75) Ranasugar CMP 4.20 (+0.70) Triveni CMP 348.70 (+6.10) Uttamsugar CMP 110.25 (18.35) Prev Advice: Sugar Stocks This entry was posted on September 12, … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

Did you go for sugar stocks (refer the following post on 1st July ’18); an equal investment in each of the mentioned sugar stocks would have given you 22% in just 21/2 months. There are certain announcement regarding sugarcane processing industry and you may still keep accumulating sugar stocks. Prev Advice: Sugar Stocks This entry … Continue reading