Sugar Stocks

Andhra Sugar 386.90 (-10.55)
Avadh Sugar CMP 371.10 (-3.20)
Bajaj Hind CMP 6.90 (+0.10)
Balrampur Chini CMP 76.20 (-2.80)
Bannari Amman 1477.00 (-48.15)
Dalmia Sugar CMP 63.10 (-0.75)
Dhampur Sugar CMP 89.00 (-3.40)
Dwarikesh Sugar CMP 19.50 (-0.50)
KMSugar CMP 8.90 (-0.05)
Mawana Sugar CMP 49.30 (-0.20)
Ranasugar 3.50 (+0.05)
Triveni Engg CMP 40.90 (-3.10)
Uttam Sugar CMP 87.75 (-2.30)
Accumulation on dips is key to making big money in sugar stocks at this stage. Concentrate on Avadhsugar, Bajajhind, Dhampursug, Dalmiasugar, KMSugar, Triveni and Uttam on Thursday).
(We first recommended you to enter Sugar Stock on 1st July ’18 when the stocks ruled as under:
Avadhsugar CMO 322.85
Bajajhind CMP 6.75
Balramchin CMP 64.35
Dalmiasugar CMP 54.15
Dhampursugar CMP 81.45
Dwarkesh CMP 16.45
KMSugar CMP 8.05
Mawanasugar CMP 34.35
Ranasugar CMP 3.65
Triveni CMP 37.75
Uttamsugar CMP 75.10)
Investment in equal measure in each of above scrips would have given you 19% return today.
N.B. The Rupee lost substantial ground today viz a viz Dollar and that should see some bullish impact on Indian Sugar Prices too, besides U.P. Gvt is mulling over some scheme to help sugar units in U.P.

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