BAJAJ-AUTO @2477 on 25/10/2018

Please refer to last advice, we suggested to buy this @2681 but for medium term and it did touch 2900/- by 1st week of Sept enabling you to book profits. However if you hold it then you may carry it otherwise buy it for medium/long term…ref 984/4.08 (445/665/1445/1200/1100/1050/1050/922/3M0918/cld).
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BAJAJ-AUTO @2681 on 03/08/2018
You must have been out of this (study previous post on this too); you may accumulate this for medium term only…ref 972/4.22 (380/590/1375/1200/1100/1100/1100/931/11360/3M0618/cld). Prev Advice: Bajaj-Auto You may now book profit in this as we suggested this for only medium term, it quoted last @2988 (read previous posts). Prev Posts: BAJAJ-AUTO @2722 on 21/05/2018 Please … Continue reading →

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