Posted on November 12, 2018

COALINDIA @264 on 13/11/2018

You may retain this and add more on dips for medium/long term…ref 993/39.58 (485/870/1390/10450/1100/1050/1050/953/3M0918/cld/10451). Prev Advice: COALINDIA @294 on 28/08/2018 You may retain this as well as add more on dips for medium/long term…ref 1055/39.78 (530/995/1560/1000/1100/1100/1100/1061/3M0618/cld/11738). Prev Advice: COALINDIA @286 on 14/06/2018 You may retain what ever you hold for medium/long term and don’t buy … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

Avadhsugar CMP 451.00 Bajajhind CMP 11.75 Balramchin CMP 117.15 Dalmiasugar CMP 111.15 Dhampursugar CMP 179.30 Dwarkesh CMP 29.25 KMSugar CMP 9.45 Mawanasugar CMP 55.80 Ranasugar CMP 4.10 Triveni CMP 54.30 Uttamsugar CMP 154.60 Those acted on the following and subsequent set of advice to invest in sugar stocks must be very pleased today. Now you … Continue reading