Sugar Stocks

Avadhsugar CMP 451.00
Bajajhind CMP 11.75
Balramchin CMP 117.15
Dalmiasugar CMP 111.15
Dhampursugar CMP 179.30
Dwarkesh CMP 29.25
KMSugar CMP 9.45
Mawanasugar CMP 55.80
Ranasugar CMP 4.10
Triveni CMP 54.30
Uttamsugar CMP 154.60

Those acted on the following and subsequent set of advice to invest in sugar stocks must be very pleased today. Now you may sell those items where you are gaining more than 100% return and wait for while (Dhampursugar, Dalmiasugar and Uttamsugar may be sold off).

Prev Advice:
“Sugar Stocks
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May I remind you that sugar stocks are at an interesting point from the angle of investing in to. The following stocks seem worthy of investment:
Avadhsugar CMO 322.85
Bajajhind CMP 6.75
Balramchin CMP 64.35
Dalmiasugar CMP 54.15
Dhampursugar CMP 81.45
Dwarkesh CMP 16.45
KMSugar CMP 8.05
Mawanasugar CMP 34.35
Ranasugar CMP 3.65
Triveni CMP 37.75
Uttamsugar CMP 75.10
I have invested in above stocks personally and therefore have interest in them.
Krishna Khandelwal”

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