ITC @276 on 23/01/2019

This gave you ample opportunity to sell half as the advice was for both medium and long term and as it went as high as 297/- by 15/01/2019; those who have it retain else buy for long term…ref 1108/39.24 (130/540/2430/1250/1200/1200/1150/1200/965/3M1218/10831).
Prev Advice:
ITC @279 on 26/10/2018
This may be retained else may be bought for medium/long term…ref 1063/35.9 (130/490/2335/1300/1200/1050/1050/10032/3M0918/cld). Prev Advice: ITC @302 0n 27/07/2018 You may still retain and may add on declines for medium/long term…ref 1139/37.34 (230/810/2310/1300/1200/1100/1100/1067/3M0618/cld/11278). Prev Advice: ITC @ 279 on 17/05/2018 You may retain and add/buy on dips for medium/long term, don’t miss out booking profit … Continue reading →

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