ITC @290 on 13/05/2019

Retain what you have and add more else buy afresh for medium/long term…ref 1082/38.44 (135/525/2450/1250/1150/1100/1050/1000/3m0319/11148).

Prev Advice:

You might have bought this @276/- or around it in terms of our advice on 23/01/2019 and this last quoted @291 on 08/03/2019 so may sell half of what you have of it now (where scrip is held with medium as well as long term view, half of it needs to be sold when 4% … Continue reading →
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ITC @276 on 23/01/2019
This gave you ample opportunity to sell half as the advice was for both medium and long term and as it went as high as 297/- by 15/01/2019; those who have it retain else buy for long term…ref 1108/39.24 (130/540/2430/1250/1200/1200/1150/1200/965/3M1218/10831). Prev Advice: ITC @279 on 26/10/2018 This may be retained else may be bought for … Continue reading →

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