DMART @1390 on 12/07/2019

You may accumulate this now for medium/long term…881 (245/470/635/1200/1300/1150/1050/1000/11550/3m062019).
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DMART @1390 on 23/01/2019
You still remain out of it…ref 833/7.79 (250/170/470/1200/1200/1200/1200/974/3M1218/10831).
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DMART (Avenue Supermarkets) @1653 on 31/07/2018
It is dangerous to hold this hence sell if you have…ref 839/6.86 (175/145/550/1300/1250/1100/1100/1102/11356/3M0618).
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DMART @1417 on 06/04/2018
This is being given you as we studied it up on friend’s request. You may avoid it for time being for investment and book profit if you have it. Seek advice later after the results for Qtr IV for further action…ref 848/7.29 (185/165/615/1200/1250/1150/1100/1121/10331/3M/1217).

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