YESBANK @98.40 on 17/07/2019

You may buy it now in good measure for medium/long term…ref 999/1118.77 (1503/1324/124/1100/1100/1150/1050/549/11687/3m0619).

Prev Advice:

Yesbank @168 on 30/04/2019
You may buy this for medium term.
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This closed at 237/- on 05/03/2019 as against price recommended for entry @199 on 30/01/2019; you may now sell this entirely and wait for next advice.
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YESBANK @188 on 31/10/2018
You might be out of this (refer to our pinned post..panch-tattva…some guideline), accumulate this now for just medium term…ref 950/55.26/790/735/1100/11100/11050/1050/655/10386/3M0918/). Prev Advice:YESBANK @370 on 27/07/2018 at 1450hrs You were asked to book profit beyond 380/- which you might have done as it went past 390/- by 19/07/2018; you may begin to accumulate this for medium/long … Continue reading →
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