Posted in August 2019

Sugar Price Looks Up So Do Sugar Scrips

Friends, Post governmental relief grant of Rs 6200 crs to sugar Industry for export of 6 million tonnes of sugar, the sugar price in open market has seen some improvement. Sugar scrips were up too but not in a frenzied way, so now it the time to enter and Bajajhind (5.40) and Mawana (29/-) have … Continue reading


Please refer to advice below which appeared on 9/8/2019; Britannia touched 2471/- by 14/8/2019 and you may have bought it. Now you may sell this as it closed 2703/- on 27/8/2019. Prev Advice; BRITANNIA @2588 on 09/08/2019 You may sell this on surges if you happened to buy this under 2780/- as advised earlier, how … Continue reading


We asked you to buy this at under 2550/- (look at the advice given on 26/7/2019 below) and it did fall down to 2467/- by 30/7/2020 and may have been picked up by you. It closed at 2768/- and you may sell this now. BAJAJ-AUTO @2618 on 26/07/2019 You may retain it, else buy it … Continue reading

Sugar Turning Sweet

The following gives you idea about the sugar rates in differnt centres (these rates, up by 7% since June, indicate that sugar Industry will regain health fast enough): Ahmedabad S/30 3400.00 Delhi M/30 3530.00 Hyderabad S/30 3435.00 Indore S/30 3400.00 Kanpur M/30 3620.00 Kolhapur S/30 3307.50 Kolkata S/30 3750.02 Muzaffarnagar M/30 3553.83 Raipur S/30 3425.00 … Continue reading

Yesbank…the mood effect

Friends, The mood or sentiment rules the markets. Yesbank acquired 14% of CGPowers equity for 400 crs approx. which is now being seen as almost entirely written off while Yesbank lost over 10k crs in terms of market capitalisation since then. What a great irony, what a great conclusion. Now coming to basic strength of … Continue reading


Market us likely to open better today; it’s time for you to get in to recommended shares and also sweeten your portfolio with sugar stocks.

For Investors’ Attention

We recommended purchase as following post QI results: Adaniports @372 on 7/8/19 (CMP 358). Asianpaints @1483/- on 24/7/19 (CMP 1571). Axisbank @707 on 3/7/19 (CMP 661). Bajajauto @2520 on 23/7/19 (CMP 2713). Bajajfinsv @6782 0n 25/7/19 (CMP 7413). Bajfinance @3046 on 25/7/19 (CMP 3288). Cipla @518 on 7/8/19 (CMP 479). Coalindia @204 on 13/8/19 (CMP … Continue reading

Our Recommendations Post QI Results (Q-Z)

We recommended the following: (New)SBIN @308 on 02/08/2019 You may now buy this with greater weightage for medium/long term. SBIN @308 on 10/05/2019 : Buy this for medium/long term. (New)SUNPHARMA @440 on 13/08/2019 You must have bought it under 390/- as it did go down to 367/- by 8/7/19; you may retain this else accumulate … Continue reading

Our Recommendations Post QI Results (I-P)

We recommended the following: (New) INFRATEL @264 on 24/07/2019 Retain, else buy at current prices, for medium/long term. Infratel @301 on 24/04/2019 : May buy for only medium term. (New)IBILHSGFIN @514 on 06/08/2019 Retain/buy for medium/long term. IBULHSGFIN @750 on 25/04/2019 : Buy but only for medium term. (New)Leave a comment (Edit) ITC @264 on … Continue reading

Our Recommendations Post QI (A-H)

We recommended following: (New)ADANIPORTS @360 on 07/08/2019 You may retain/buy this for medium/long term. Adaniports @412 on 28/05/2019 : Accumulate for medium/long term. (New)AXISBANK @707 on 30/07/2019 You may go for it under 690/- for medium/long term. Axisbank @744 on 25/04/2019 : Buy it below 715/- for only medium term. (New) ASIANPAINT @1483 on 24/07/2019 … Continue reading