Posted on August 8, 2019

ULTRACEMCO @4233 on 08/08/2019

You are already out of it in term of advice on 02/05/2019 to sell @4600; you may pick this now buy don’t forget to book profits when you have 4-5% gain between now and next advice…ref 955/2.60 (350/720/1185/1200/1100/1150/1000/935/3m0619/cld/11032). Prev Advice: Ultracemco @4600 on 02/05/2019 (1205 hrs) You may sell this entirely. Leave a comment (Edit) … Continue reading

HCLTECH @1088 on 08/08/2019

You must be having this in stock as it did dive to touch 1001/- on 26/07/2019; you may retain this but do sell it beyond 1145/- between now and next advice…ref 994/10.13 (445/705/1340/120/1100/1150/1000/1018/3m0619/cld/11032). Prev Advice: HCLTECH @1132 on 09/05/2019 You must have booked profit in this @1098 on 04/04/2019; you may look for buying it … Continue reading