GRASIM @735 on 14/8/2019

You may buy this for long term…ref 1148/15.11 (1560/1705/650/1150/1100/1150/1000/875/3m0619/cld/111029).
Prev Advice:
Grasim @919 on 02/07/2019
You might have bought it under 880/- as advised on 24/05/19 as did drop below it since then; now you may sell it off.
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GRASIM @910 on 24/05/2019
You may go for it, one lot under 880/- and second lot under 830/-, for medium/long term…ref 1100/13.01 (1400/1277/545/1150/1100/1150/1050/1133/3m019/cld/11844). Prev Advice: GRASIM You may sell entirely now , this closed @849 as against our purchase recommendation @714 on 8/2/2019. Leave a comment (Edit)

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