Our Recommendations Post QI Results (Q-Z)

We recommended the following:
(New)SBIN @308 on 02/08/2019
You may now buy this with greater weightage for medium/long term.
SBIN @308 on 10/05/2019 : Buy this for medium/long term.
(New)SUNPHARMA @440 on 13/08/2019
You must have bought it under 390/- as it did go down to 367/- by 8/7/19; you may retain this else accumulate for medium/long term.
Sunpharma @413/- on 30/5/2019 : Buy under 390/-.
(New)Realince @1249 on 19/07/2019 : You may buy this now for medium/long term.
Reliance @1386 on 18/04/2019 : sell it if you have it.
(New)TCS @2131 on 09/07/2019 : You may now accumulate this medium/long term.
TCS @2103 on 13/04/2019 : Sell it above 2150/-.
TATAMOTORS @190 on 02/05/2019 : You may buy this for medium/long term.
(New)TATASTEEL @362 on 09/08/19
You may retain this else buy it, for medium/long term.
TATASTEEL @510 on25/04/2019 : Retain/buy for medium/long term.
(New)TECHM @640 on 30/07/2019
You retain this, else buy now for medium/long term
(New)TITAN @1038 on 06/08/2019
You may buy this now, all that you sold and more.
TITAN @1088 on 08/05/2019 : Retain it; for fresh buying wait till its available under 980/-.
(New)UPL @595 on 31/07/2019
This went exbonus on 02/07/2019 (ratio 1:2); you may now accuulate this on dips for medium/long term.
UPL @970 on 17/05/2019 : You may sell this now and wait for next advice.
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ULTRACEMCO @4233 on 08/08/2019
You are already out of it in term of advice on 02/05/2019 to sell @4600; you may pick this now buy don’t forget to book profits when you have 4-5% gain between now and next advice.
Ultracemco @4435 on 24/04/2019 : Retain but don’t add.
(Advised to sell entirely on 02/05/2016 – LTP @4617 on 30/04/2019).
(New)WIPRO @260/- on 17/07/2019 : You may buy this for medium/long term.
Wipro @281 on 16/04/2019 : Accumulate on dips for medium/long term.
(New)VEDL @154 on 31/07/2017
You may retain this, else buy for medium/long term
VEDL @159 on 08/05/2019 : You may buy it for medium/long term.
YESBANK @168 on 30/04/2019 : Buy for medium term.
(New) ZEEL @379 on 24/07/2019
You may retain this, else buy one lot now and another under 354/-, for medium/long term
ZEEL @365/- on 30/05/2019 : Buy for medium/long term.
You may refer to all previous recommendations on above scrips and to better appreciate these recommendations please read the pinned post.
Krishna Khandelwal

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