Sugar Turning Sweet

The following gives you idea about the sugar rates in differnt centres (these rates, up by 7% since June, indicate that sugar Industry will regain health fast enough):

Ahmedabad S/30 3400.00
Delhi M/30 3530.00
Hyderabad S/30 3435.00
Indore S/30 3400.00
Kanpur M/30 3620.00
Kolhapur S/30 3307.50
Kolkata S/30 3750.02
Muzaffarnagar M/30 3553.83
Raipur S/30 3425.00
Vashi S/30 3407.50
Banglore S/30 3400.00

Yesterday sugar scrips too a beating but nobody knows why; since most sugar shares are at 52 W lows or at all time lows, shouldn’t it be seen as a good opportunity to buy some for your own portfolio.

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