Sugar Price Looks Up So Do Sugar Scrips


Post governmental relief grant of Rs 6200 crs to sugar Industry for export of 6 million tonnes of sugar, the sugar price in open market has seen some improvement. Sugar scrips were up too but not in a frenzied way, so now it the time to enter and Bajajhind (5.40) and Mawana (29/-) have no room to go down so u may prefer to buy them. AVADHSUG (217/-) is also a good bet, it may go up by 4 times in next two years, Dhampursug (146/-) is 10/- paid up against Balrampur’s (132/-) 2/- so it has very reasonable market cap and may be looked at. For real kicks go for KMSugar (6.90) but here volume is too limited. Dwarkesh (22.80) is also interesting at this price point. Small investors should keep away fro Balramchin as it is the only chip played by the big money in sugar sector who tend to sweep away benefit from weaker hands.

Krishna Khandelwal

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