Posted on October 27, 2019

SBIN @281.6 on 25/09/2019

You double your holding in this now and keep for long term…ref 1046/41.12 (1400/1090/385/1150/1150/1150/1050/3m0919/cld/11583). Prev Advice: SBIN @308 on 02/08/2019 You may now buy this with greater weightage for medium/long term…ref 997/35.71 (1220/990/350/1150/1100/1150/1100/920/3m0619/cld/11000). Prev Advice: SBIN @283 on 14/11/2018 Those who accumulated this as per last advice must have booked decent profits too as it … Continue reading

ITC @248 on 25/10/2019

You may retain this else buy this for long term…ref 1122/46.7 (160/615/2600/1200/1200/1150/1050/1000/3m0919/cld/11583). Orev Advice: ITC @264 on 02/08/2019 You may retain this else buy for medium/long term…ref 1084/41.66 (155/670/2325/1250/11000/1150/1100/926/3m0619/cld/11000). Prev Advice: ITC @290 on 13/05/2019 Retain what you have and add more else buy afresh for medium/long term…ref 1082/38.44 (135/525/2450/1250/1150/1100/1050/1000/3m0319/11148). Prev Advice: ITC You might … Continue reading

ICICIBANK @469 on 25/10/2019

Sell helf of what you have and keep rest for long term…ref 930/24.69 (490/640/720/1150/1150/1150/1050/1098/3m0919/cld/11583). Prev Advice: ICICIBANK @415 on 26/07/2019 You may retain it (you might have been able to under 380/- as advised because it did fall below 380/- on 13/05/2019), else buy it for medium/long term…ref 939/27.19 (565/740/660/1200/1100/1150/1100/1000/3m0619/cld/11284). Prev Advice: ICICIBANK @401 on … Continue reading