Balramchin @149 on 11/11/2019


Balramchin has declared a slightly better performance in QII this year compared to the corresponding quarter last year when it’s price was about 117/- . Present price is about 20% higher then last year but after retaining almost Rs 15/- per share out of profits made since then and after the buy back of shares. So effectively the price is almost same level as last. The difference is in the prospects of sugar industry then and now; earlier on the same date industry looked at an year of excess production while this year there is a possible dent of about 20% in sugar production which well fall below 28 M/T mark and market price of sugar is better by 20% already.

So what are u waiting for, go ahead by this aggressively for a gain of 20% in next 3-6 months quiet safely.

The situation is similar for most sugar scrips which have declared results for QII like Triveni, Dhampur, Dwarikesh, KM Sugar and Dalmiasug and most importantly Avadhsug.

Krishna Khandelwal

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